Sampler Platter Grilled Cheeses

This week we did a little departure and created 4 separate grilled cheese sandwiches. It was amazing. This came as a direct result of being given a Grilled Cheese creator basket as a wedding shower present (thanks Ginger!). Going right to left (i know that seems backwards, but keep with me here, there's a reason) the first on the right was mushroom and Swiss, next was a pizza grilled cheese which had mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce, and some more mushrooms. Third from the right was jalapenos, cream cheese, and Monterrey Jack. The last one, on the left, was a desert grilled cheese which had strawberry jam and brie, and maybe cream cheese (desert last right? even though it's on the left side of the board). All were quite amazing. We had some Ranch dressing to dip them all in (except the desert one of course, that would be weird).