Taco Grilled Cheese

Made up an entirely new invention tonight, Taco grilled cheese. It featured ground beef with taco seasonings (some out of a jar, but it was almost empty, so i threw together a little more from my spice cupboard), fresh diced tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar cheese, Mexican blend shredded cheese, and some tortilla chips for some extra crunch. Click 'Read' for more.

Meatball Grilled Cheese

Originally we thought that today's sandwich was a re-do, but after reviewing the archives here, i don't think it is. I made some tomato sauce from scratch a while ago (also featured in last week's pizza grilled cheese), in which i braised some meatballs (not from scratch unfortunately, but still mighty tasty). After they had fully heated through we spread some of the sauce and some provolone cheese on the bread, cut the meatballs in half and laid them out. On top of that went some freshly grated Parmesan cheese, and a little more provolone. Got them nice and crispy in my sandwich press.

Pizza Grilled Cheese

We had some left over pizza stuff so we decided it needed to go on a grilled cheese sandwich. Pepperoni, red bell pepper, mushrooms, spicy salami, mozzarella cheese, and home made tomato sauce. Grilled up nice and tasty. Had it with a 2 dips, ketchup and ranch dressing, along with the standard (and required) dill pickle.

Plain Grilled Cheese

Today needed a regular every day grilled cheese sandwich. It got that, plus a little extra. I made it with some standard home made bread (from my breadmaker), cheddar cheese and Monterrey Jack. On the side was the usual pickle, tomato ketchup, and something new: jalapeno jelly mixed with sour cream.

Bacon and Eggs Grilled Cheese

Straight out of the ideas page, today i made a breakfast special, Bacon and Eggs grilled cheese. Allison is on vacation visiting a far away friend so i was able to finally make one with bacon in it (she doesn't like bacon. and no, i don't know why). I cooked up some fine thick cut side bacon strips, fried 2 eggs on the griddle in some of the remaining bacon grease, then assembled it all on the griddle with some Monterrey Jack cheese. This was on my usual home made bread so it was, as usual, double the size of any normal sandwich. It was gigantic.

Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese and Monterrey Jack Grilled Cheese

I flipped around through a few other internet sites today looking for inspiration and decided that today's grilled cheese would be Buffalo chicken with blue cheese and Monterrey Jack. I picked up some already prepared breaded chicken tenders at the hot deli counter at the grocery store and added some Frank's Red Hot Buffalo Wing sauce. The bread was a long french baguette, split down the middle (i also cut it on half the short way so it'd fit on the sandwich press). First thing down on the inside was some blue cheese.

Granny Smith Apple and Smoked Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Todays grilled cheese was an unusual combination of Granny Smith apples and applewood smoked cheddar cheese (which was ridiculously overpriced). It got the usual treatment of homemade multigrain bread, butter on the outside, and grilled on my sandwich press griddle. This time we chose to forgo the pickle, as it would not match well with the contents of the sandwich. For a dip we also went without the standard ketchup or chipotle mayo, and instead used some artichoke and asiago dip, which provided a little extra tangyness.

Hotdog Grilled Cheese

Some people may not understand this one at first, but it really worked out well. I got some footlong hotdogs at the grocery store, and some gigantic sub buns for the bread. It was raining out so i couldn't make this on the bbq. Instead I went back to the panini press griddle I used previously. I cooked the hotdogs there first (2 for me, and 1 split in half for Allison, although she later regretted only having the 1 due to the low meat-to-bread ratio), and they got nice and crispy.

Ham and Cheddar Barbequed Grilled Cheese

The sandwich today was fairly basic, ham and cheddar, but cooked in a unique way. I put my cast-iron flat top on the barbeque and grilled them up on there. They turned out looking a little on the burnt side, but you really couldn't taste it. They just tasted good. We had both ketchup and chipotle mayonnaise for dipping, and Allison had mustard on the inside of her sandwich (I don't like mustard).

Basil, Pesto, Tomato and Mozzerella Grilled Cheese

Some nice crusty Italian mutligrain bread was topped with pesto, basil, tomato and mozzerella cheese. It toasted up quite nicely with a little butter. We had some pretty great Italian salami on the side, along with a dill pickle.


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