Pork Schnitzel with Apple Grilled Cheese

This was a pretty great experiment. We had purchased some centre cut pork chops and flattened them out using a tenderizer. I breaded them using flour, eggs, and panko, and then fried them in a cast iron skillet in a half inch or so of oil (did this outside on the side burner of the bbq to avoid having the house stink like oil for the next few days). We put these on the sandwich together with some apples that had been cut up and cooked down a little in a pan, along with some good quality Mozzarella cheese. This was an amazing sandwich, would make it again any time.

Apple and Cheddar Grilled Cheese

One of the many fine ideas that Allison has come up with was today's grilled cheese. This was an apple and cheddar on cinnamon bread sandwich. The apple was a rather large granny smith apple, sliced thin (although next time i would slice it thick, it tended to slide out, and was hard to bite through the multiple layers). The bread, after much searching around the city for a cinnamon bread that does NOT contain raisins (try it, you can't find it easily), ended up being cinnamon rolls, complete with the frosted sugar on top.

Granny Smith Apple and Smoked Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Todays grilled cheese was an unusual combination of Granny Smith apples and applewood smoked cheddar cheese (which was ridiculously overpriced). It got the usual treatment of homemade multigrain bread, butter on the outside, and grilled on my sandwich press griddle. This time we chose to forgo the pickle, as it would not match well with the contents of the sandwich. For a dip we also went without the standard ketchup or chipotle mayo, and instead used some artichoke and asiago dip, which provided a little extra tangyness.

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