Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Today it was decided that breakfast was on the table. I also decided it was high time to try out my new cast iron skillet. It worked out pretty well, as i had some heavy bacon presses heated up too for the top of the sandwiches, to squish them down a bit, sort of like a panini. We had some nice multigrain rye bread to load up with breakfasty type ingredients. I cooked up some breakfast sausage for Allison's sandwich and some crispy side bacon for my own. I also tossed a few eggs in a pan and scrambled them (using the Gordon Ramsey method, as best as I could remember).

Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Take 2, this time with more breakfast. And with more Allison (last time she was away visiting friends). Our sandwiches had fried eggs on top (left just the perfect amount of over-easy to ensure it was still gooey without being all over the place) along with lots of cheddar cheese. Mine had bacon and hers had breakfast sausage, split in half lengthwise.

Cobb Salad Grilled Cheese

A Cobb Salad typically contains lettuce of some sort, tomato, bacon, chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, avocado, and blue cheese. Our sandwiches had all of that, plus shredded sharp white cheddar, assembled on slices of hearty multigrain loaf.

Bacon Mushroom Melt Grilled Cheese

This week's sandwich was ever so melty and gooey and delicsious. It had sauteed mushrooms, bacon (allison's did not), herb-and-garlic cream cheese, and a good quality mozzarella cheese. It was flowing all over the plate, it was pretty great.

Bacon and Eggs Grilled Cheese

Straight out of the ideas page, today i made a breakfast special, Bacon and Eggs grilled cheese. Allison is on vacation visiting a far away friend so i was able to finally make one with bacon in it (she doesn't like bacon. and no, i don't know why). I cooked up some fine thick cut side bacon strips, fried 2 eggs on the griddle in some of the remaining bacon grease, then assembled it all on the griddle with some Monterrey Jack cheese. This was on my usual home made bread so it was, as usual, double the size of any normal sandwich. It was gigantic.

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