Prosciutto Brie and Gruyere Grilled Cheese

This sandwich was a fairly complex one. It had Prosciutto and Brie and Gruyere on a nice soft rye bread. It was super melty and delicious.

Sampler Platter Grilled Cheeses

This week we did a little departure and created 4 separate grilled cheese sandwiches. It was amazing. This came as a direct result of being given a Grilled Cheese creator basket as a wedding shower present (thanks Ginger!). Going right to left (i know that seems backwards, but keep with me here, there's a reason) the first on the right was mushroom and Swiss, next was a pizza grilled cheese which had mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce, and some more mushrooms. Third from the right was jalapenos, cream cheese, and Monterrey Jack.

Brie and something Grilled Cheese

This sandwich was super melty. Brie was layered on thick onto homemade break along with something else which i can't remember right now.


Turkey and Cranberry Grilled Cheese

We moved this week's grilled cheese a few days out due to Christmas. We wanted turkey on the sandwich, but too close not to Christmas as to avoid turkey overload. This sandwich has sliced turkey (which was then cut up and grilled), whole cranberries and sauce (from a can) and super soft brie cheese, sliced thin (yup, you can slice it using a wire cutter, if you are careful).

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