Cheddar and Cream Cheese Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup

Again this week I decided to make some home made tomato soup. Same as last time, but without the chicken stock (it wasn't necessary, the tomatoes had quite a bit of liquid in them). Together this went with a cheddar cheese and cream cheese grilled cheese sandwich and some pepperettes from the market.

Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Today was a simple affair. Grilled cheese with cheddar alongside some Zoodles (canned animal shaped noodles in tomato sauce).

Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Today it was decided that breakfast was on the table. I also decided it was high time to try out my new cast iron skillet. It worked out pretty well, as i had some heavy bacon presses heated up too for the top of the sandwiches, to squish them down a bit, sort of like a panini. We had some nice multigrain rye bread to load up with breakfasty type ingredients. I cooked up some breakfast sausage for Allison's sandwich and some crispy side bacon for my own. I also tossed a few eggs in a pan and scrambled them (using the Gordon Ramsey method, as best as I could remember).

Three Cheese Grilled Cheese

We decided on a nice simple sandwich today. It was Marble Cheddar, Monterrey Jack, and Swiss on whole wheat bread. Served with Zoodles and the 3 of the 4 new flavours of Lays potato chips, Creamy Garlic Caesar, Perogy Platter, and Grilled Cheese & Ketchup (we didn't think Maple Moose would go well with grilled cheese).

CheeseSteak Grilled Cheese

This was a pretty epic sandwich. I bought a large bagette (you can only see half of it here, the other half is directly behind it), cooked up a nice ribeye steak on the bbq, some mushrooms, and layered it all together. I believe there was also some cream cheese in there to make it extra melty. Well, it should have been epic, but i let the cast iron plate on the bottom get far too hot and it ended up burning the bread :(

Turkey and Tomato Grilled Cheese

It's been a while since i actually ate this sandwich, so i might misremember, but i think it was fresh turkey breast, tomato, herb and garlic cream cheese, and cheddar cheese. It sure was melty though.

Ham and Cheddar Grilled Cheese

Today was a nice and plain one, just ham and cheddar.

Roast Chicken Grilled Cheese

Took a little tour of the grocery store looking for inspiration for this one. First thing i decided on was a roast chicken, which they have fully cooked. Picked up a chipotle flavoured one and shredded it (well, half of it). Next up was some grape tomatoes, which i sliced in half (and despite that, they popped out of the sandwich like crazy). Third item on the sandwich was a mild green chili pepper, sliced thin and grilled. The cheese was a nice soft Gouda, sliced thick. Some left over shredded cheddar made it in there too.

Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Take 2, this time with more breakfast. And with more Allison (last time she was away visiting friends). Our sandwiches had fried eggs on top (left just the perfect amount of over-easy to ensure it was still gooey without being all over the place) along with lots of cheddar cheese. Mine had bacon and hers had breakfast sausage, split in half lengthwise.

Extra Cheesy Grilled Cheese

Tonight was a plain grilled cheese night, but with extra cheddar cheese and tomato soup.



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