Sampler Platter Grilled Cheeses

This week we did a little departure and created 4 separate grilled cheese sandwiches. It was amazing. This came as a direct result of being given a Grilled Cheese creator basket as a wedding shower present (thanks Ginger!). Going right to left (i know that seems backwards, but keep with me here, there's a reason) the first on the right was mushroom and Swiss, next was a pizza grilled cheese which had mozzarella, pepperoni, tomato sauce, and some more mushrooms. Third from the right was jalapenos, cream cheese, and Monterrey Jack.

Peperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese

This grilled cheese was pretty simple, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. Super Melty.

Pizza Grilled Cheese

We had some left over pizza stuff so we decided it needed to go on a grilled cheese sandwich. Pepperoni, red bell pepper, mushrooms, spicy salami, mozzarella cheese, and home made tomato sauce. Grilled up nice and tasty. Had it with a 2 dips, ketchup and ranch dressing, along with the standard (and required) dill pickle.

Pizza Grilled Cheese

Today's grilled cheese shared the same toppings you'd find on a pizza. Pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, hot Italian sausage, mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce on the inside, and garlic butter on the outside. Grilled it so that the bread was quite crispy, like you'd find on an actual pizza. The marinara was also used as a dipping sauce. It turned out extremely well, click through for a pic of the innards before the top went on (naked grilled cheese!).

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